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    I will try to find some G50AE, he has been gone for a few years now. I miss him greatly, he was my best friend. I am still mad about him being poisoned, I am glad I never found out who did it.
    That's a shame. Just a thought though, if you dog was poisoned, were you as well? I have heard of it happening before where the owner is the target, but the dog poisoned as well and this tips off the owner to a more serious problem.

  3. No the ones that did it were cowards, I guess he felt like I didn't give him the answer to who was going to pay for his dogs vet bill. I told him you r daughter brought him here after being told several times not to. and told her since we weren't sure she could read it's posted no trespassing. Her dog only had a few MINOR bites. I had him biting me that hard with just a jacket on. He could have bit the dog into. He came to our house all puffed up, I told him the same thing his daughter had heard several times you are trespassing. When he found out his daughter was wrong he calmed down. That or he saw my .45, it wasn't a week till sarge was dead and they moved the next day.

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    No need to say please. You will be added to our Prayer list at( Our Lady Of Victory Catholic School & Church) in Lackawanna,New York The Home of Father Baker.We all hope that you and, your Family stay strong...........

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    I will put a note in on my prayer network for you and your family, can you give me your first name and state?
    and please keep us posted. I wish I had seen this thread sooner..
    Keep your paws off my Carrots and my guns
    My rules to live by Never trust a squirrel, never french kiss an ardvark and never bring Jumbo hotdogs to a nudist colony barbcue.

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    Prayers and happy thoughts.

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