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  1. Please!

    I am still new here and many don't know me but, I need everyone to pray for me and my family please. I was diagnosed with MTHFR, this disease there is only 5% in the whole world that have this. There is little known about it, but I have an appointment with a specialist on Tues. in Chattanooga. I am a little worried, but I know God will either cure me or call me home. My brother and sister have this also, it was past on by my mother or father. Just please pray for us and thank you very much!

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  4. Done!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sargedog View Post
    I was diagnosed with MTHFR,
    All this alphabet soup is making me dizzy. Could you explain a little bit better just what MTHFR is?

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    Will do Sarge, keep your head up

  8. Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    All this alphabet soup is making me dizzy. Could you explain a little bit better just what MTHFR is?
    The actual word is about 25 letters long the doctor couldn't even pronounce it. The symptoms are fatigue, nausea, vomiting,shortness of breath,chest pain, thick blood( this is what caused the blood clots in both side of the lungs). I am on Warfarin which is medical grade rat poison, but it does thin the blood. There is like 25 symptoms altogether, it started with me coughing up blood I thought I had pneumonia again. When I went to the hospital they found a dime size clot in the right lung and the left was so large they said the hadn't seen one that large in someone still living. I don't know if you watch the deadliest catch but it is similar to what killed Phil Harrison. It could cause a stroke, or send a clot through the heart. I didn't understand how serious it was. I was in ICU for 8 days, they were even giving me lovenox shots in the stomach. I could be outta here very soon if I am not real careful. I am not allowed to eat protein anymore because I can't digest it.

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    My Family and I, Will Include you and your Family in our Daily Prayers. God Bless you all

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    Sarge: You need the help and I need the practice. Consider it done!

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    Sarge:your in my prayer's from here on!
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