Hello, new member!
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  1. Hello, new member!

    Hello. I'm looking at buying a new knife for urban SD purposes.
    I am considering the:

    Blackhawk! Be-Wharned
    Kershaw Groove and Tanto Groove
    Kershaw Junkyard Dog II Composite
    Boker AK101

    The Boker may be a bit too large, however.

    Any opinions?

    I'd also like to give a link to my favorite song, since this is the off topic forum, and I can't help but spread it around:

    So, glad to be here and hello!

  3. I'm not sure where you live but I know in California assisted-opening knives are legal, even with so many other restrictions. I never leave home without my S&W OTF Tanto blade. I prefer the action on an assisted-opener even though thumbtack foldouts can be opened nearly as fast in a SD situation. As to brand selection I have several S&W assisted openers and they are great products at very reasonable prices, whether AO or Manual. Best of luck with our selection!

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