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Thread: skunks

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    Shot three more skunks today in my backyard. That makes a total of nine.

    God I hate skunks! even more now they are dead.

    That will teach them to come out after us in the daytime and try to spray us

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    thought I smelled something, next time shoot a honey bun, or some bacon....
    Keep your paws off my Carrots and my guns
    My rules to live by Never trust a squirrel, never french kiss an ardvark and never bring Jumbo hotdogs to a nudist colony barbcue.

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    What about you attracts so many skunks?

  5. grubX will help.

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    Since you have so many skunks you should milk them and sell their scent. Makes great cover scent for Deer Hunting most sporting good stores get over $9.99 for 1.5 to 2 ounces :)

  7. that was cruel, but funny ;-) there is the fly bait and Coke solution. I think you can do a search and get the info you need. I've only heard it spoken of and not done it. I would never do something like that to an animal :-?

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    Out of curiousity are you a bee keeper?

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    Skunks carry rabies. Them being out in the day and coming after you isn't a good sign.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooCalm View Post
    Skunks carry rabies. Them being out in the day and coming after you isn't a good sign.
    You are just jealous that the skunk love him more than you...
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    I absolutely detest skunks. All God's creatures serve a purpose on the earth, and they should all be respected. Except skunks. The only reason skunks are here is to make me miserable. I can't even count the number of times my house or my pets have been sprayed by skunks.

    You can't shoot 'em, because they shoot back. You can't poison them, because they do the same thing.

    We had repeat skunk visitors for years until we figured out the best solution: bait live trap, take skunk-filled trap to remote are with low bridge over water, open trap and shake skunk out. Skunks won't spray when they are confined, when they are falling, or when they are swimming. Just be sure you aren't around when he gets back to shore.

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