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    Flag manufacturer outsourcing...

    (I apologize if this is a double but I can't find the other thread about this)

    There was a discussion about why flags would be outsourced with the implication being flags were less patriotic if made overseas. I am a contractor building a large church and we just priced some very large (12'x18') flags and I thought I would share a few lines of one of the quotes with you......

    Qty - 3 to 512' x 18' Single Side Reverse Appliqued200 Denier NylonRoped Heading
    Manufactured in US: $1310
    Manufactured in Sri Lanka (Same US company): $460

    I doubt we'll buy from that company at those prices but the difference between the two prices is really astonishing

  3. capitalism.

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    A couple of things, youre a contractor. Apply the same manufacturing ideas to your own business. They hire the equivalent of illegal or under the table employees and dont have to have insurance, workers comp, licenses, regulatory oversight and payroll taxes buildings up to code etc to make the flag overseas, whereas the US flag has to have all the above.

    Saying capitalism is the reason for the higher cost is flat out wrong, its the regulations and the cost of labor to produce that flag in the US.

    Im sure that you as a contractor must deal with other outfits that use undocumented subs and subs that arent licensed and insured, its kinda the same thing.

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    That is a major price difference; I'm wondering if the cheaper one will fall apart in the first wind storm? A lot of times that old saying is true, you get what you pay for.

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