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    I need your help

    Hi all!

    I am asking for your help in obtaining a $2000 grant for our organization, San Francisco Samoyed Rescue. SFSR is a 501(c)(3) founded in 1974 to render help to needy or displaced Samoyed dogs. The objective of this group is to rescue Samoyeds in shelters or lost in the streets, relocate Samoyeds that are no longer wanted or that can no longer be cared for by their owners, assist in securing veterinary attention for injured or sick Samoyeds, and assist owners who cannot afford veterinary care. Our website is San Francisco Samoyed Rescue if you would like more information.

    The link listed below is to a contest on The Animal Rescue Site. The organizations receiving the most votes will be awarded grants. You can vote once each day for the duration of the competition, June 19. Please help us by voting for San Francisco Samoyed Rescue each day. I thank you, and the dogs thank you as well. Once at the site, type in San Francisco Samoyed Rescue where it says Shelter, put in your state and submit it. You will then have to type in a code it gives you and confirm your vote.


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    No problem,, I will give my Votes

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