Friends kids needs our help!
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Thread: Friends kids needs our help!

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    Friends kids needs our help!

    Hey y'all. I have seen from experience how we can band together when we see someone in need. I have a friend from back in childhood who now has kids with a throat defect that causes some life threatening stuff. They are getting surgery for this soon which is covered thank goodness but the month long stay at an out of stay hospital doesn't cover living expenses and the like so they are up for a charity grant. Voting ends the 20th. Yes tomorrow. It is a super tight vote so I am asking for help every where I can think of. Go to this link to cast a vote for the Pratt Boys. If you want more details you can visit a donation website about them with their story here. The little one is only 21 months and the older boy is 6. I know we all hear sob stories all the time and we often wonder about truth. I am not asking for your money. Just a simple click for them on every device you have. They go by IP so cell phone, tablet, computer! All work!! Please vote guys! They need our help!

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    I went to the link having trouble finding hours to vote can you explain more on how to vote

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    Nevermind Duh,I answered my own question. I scrolled down to bottom of page and voted for Pratt Boys.I hope my vote helps. I dont have allot of money but,I can donate $25.00 or so. If that helps all I need to know is where to send it

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    Oh that is sweet. You don't have to give money but if you really want to the website I posted with their story has a donation button. I know they are greatful for every bit. They have a baby in the family which is part of why the stay in boston is hard. Mom can't have the baby in ICU. They are a good family and Amy is very worried she will have to send the boys alone to boston from Texas.

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    No problem I will donate a few dollars its the least I can do. Please express my prayers to their family from mine

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    They received the most votes! Thank you so much for helping. They were behind this morning so we were scared but with so many helping they pulled through. It will be a huge blessing for the family.

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