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    Quote Originally Posted by Raider-3 View Post
    Speaking of nascar, all it is now is Honda engines and Brazilian drivers.
    I think you are thinking of Indycar racing.

    Typically there is a label on any vehicle (usually inside the door) that tells where it was made.

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    For vehicles, look at the VIN, the first digit is the country of final assembly. 1 and 4 are US, 2 is Canada, 3 is mexico, W is Germany, K is korea, J is japan
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    Is that manufactured in the USA or just assembled? Makes a difference. We Export mostly raw to semi processed goods to foreign entities for manufacturing and return to the USA for consumption. Export slots on most Vessels are at least 150% booked most the time. So it's not that we are not exporting goods out. It's that finished goods imported are far more expensive the what we export. Hence this inane Trade deficit.
    As for putting people back to work buying American goods. Great idea, if you can get them to go to work. Even better idea if we didn't allow foreign work force to enter under work visas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SC Tiger View Post
    I agree with tattedupboy. Which is better - buying from an American company that makes it's stuff overseas or a foreign company that makes it's stuff here? Example - the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Impala are made in Canada. The Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are made here. Which benefits the US Economy more? Which creates more American jobs? IMO it's the foreign company hiring American workers.

    When Toyota arrived in Nascar, people were up in arms that a foreign company has entered an American sport. What they did not consider is that A) Dodge (who was already back in) was owned by Daimler so were technically German, and B) The only two "cars" used in Nascar that are American made are the Dodge Charger and Toyota Camry (cars is in quotes because a Nascar Camry is NOTHING like the street car). The Fusion is made in Mexico and the Impala is made in Canada.
    Just a question: When one buys a Toyota that is "made" in the U.S., where do the bulk of the profits go? Japan. Just sayin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by turbo52 View Post
    Yea I get a bunch of crap for driving a Toyota Tacoma but I was told it was made somewhere in Ohio. I never looked into it so someone can correct me but even foreign cars will still have american parts as well
    I was being kidded about my Roadster (MB) was made in NJ, purportedly shipped off to Germany for an excuse to go overseas and tour their country, inspected and picked up our car, drive the authobahn, go home, wait for our car to arrive at Alaska so we can drive it home here in St. Louis, tour some more land and sand -- and feel good about it. DING!! The car was made in New Jersey, period!

    Good marketing though....
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcselby1 View Post
    Just a question: When one buys a Toyota that is "made" in the U.S., where do the bulk of the profits go? Japan. Just sayin'.
    Between the manufacturing plant, the distributor, the dealer/sales, and the mechanic that will all make money off it, does it really matter? A ton of Americans have great jobs because of it, even the cars made in Japan. Toyota also gives scholarships here and donates to several charities, including $1mil to tornado relief earlier this year, don't see much of that from "US" manufacturers..
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    Quote Originally Posted by localgirl View Post
    Does it make a difference to the U.S. economy if we buy American?
    Not at this point in the game.
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    Well let me ask you this..... How do get your income? If its here in this great land of the free then buy American .....

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    It sounds so simple, doesn't it? BUY AMERICAN! But then the same company ships its jobs overseas because it's cheaper. It's not like you buying their product can keep them from doing that.

    Personally I prefer to buy the better product for my purpose regardless of origin. That way I am rewarding a company making something well rather than where it's being made.

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