What Kind of Handgun are You?
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Thread: What Kind of Handgun are You?

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    What Kind of Handgun are You?

    Don't know how many of you subscribe to Frontsight's newsletters, but here's a fun one. Take the quiz to find out what kind of handgun you are.


    I'm a Colt 1911 in .45 ACP

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    I am apparently a HK P7 in 9mm. I don't understand how the quiz determines the answer. By my responses, I would have guessed it would say I'm a Desert Eagle, or maybe a Colt Python or something. Then it gives you another quiz, but wants your name and email address to give you the answer. I opted to not have more junk mail sent to me though.
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    Glock 22 in .40 cal....yeah baby! :duim:
    Glock 27
    Walther PPS 1st Edition 9mm

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    I guess I'm a Heckler and Koch, Model P7 in 9mm also. Was hoping morefor a Sig P220 or something.
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    Me too. Heckler and Koch, Model P7 in 9mm also, Whats up with that?

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    Hey I always wanted a HK P7. It says I am a Glock 27. Funny, all my auto's are 9mm.
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    What Handgun Are You?
    You are a:
    Glock Model 22 in 40 cal!

    I have a 27 and it stays in the safe. No way I'd buy a mod 22. That quiz is way off!:huh::icon_wink:
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    UGGG...i don't think they have that many gun choices in their results. I got matched up with one of those plastic things that has a trigger safety. Not that I am against Glocks, but I am partial to other models.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    I am apparently a HK P7 in 9mm.
    Same here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiptrackercracker View Post
    UGGG...i don't think they have that many gun choices in their results.
    After seeing what everyone has come up with thus far, I'll have to agree here--I had only seen my own result when I posted this, didn't know how limited the answers were. There's no way you all are that much alike to be just a bunch of glocks and hk's! :) Thanks for playing anyway!

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