Have the dates confirmed for the second weekend in Oct. for the gathering. Due to increased prices for renting the dining hall/kitchen we will again meet by the lake under the big blue tarp. They went up on the cabin rentals also--$10 per night per head. We will be tenting ourselves but some have said they want the cabins. We will rent one for bath/shower facilities or they may just allow us to use it-shhh, don't tell. All cooking will be done on the fire pit, charcoal, and camp stoves. Will set up tables like we did previously so bring your camp chairs /etc. Hopefully we can schedule the classes and stick to them a bit closer in order to cover the many areas folks have said they wanted to cover. We will have a quick shelter class, lots of shooting-fun and comp., food preps, and others to be announced. Hope to see lots of new folks as many have expressed a desire to cover preps better. Will be inviting several other sites again so make your plans now. We always have a lot of fun and eat very well. This is at Camp Millstone 4-H camp near Ellerbe, NC.