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Thread: Why do people hate lawyers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Super J View Post
    Lawyers are unfortunately despised until an individual needs one to protect their rights, property, dignity etc...
    But -- this is only because of our legal system (set up by lawyers for lawyers)!!
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    Lawyers are like nuclear weapons, you gotta have 'em because the other guy's got 'em, but when you break 'em out and start using 'em, it screws up the environment for everyone.

    Honest lawyers are like baby pigeons. You know they have to be out there but no one actually sees any.

    In Peru lawyers are called abogado's (mosquito's -blood sucking insects) or tiberon's (sharks)
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    The difference between a lawyer and a mosquito? One is a blood-sucking parasite. The other is an insect.

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    For me it's that they don't care about doing what is right. It's all about wining the case, even if they have to lie for their client. Interesting how they can lie for their client and not be charged with perjury. I don't know how some of them sleep at night. Lawyers cost all of us extra money in the goods and services we purchase. And don't forget most of the professional politicians and lawyers. Look how that has worked for us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fuhr52 View Post
    For me it's that they don't care about doing what is right. It's all about wining the case,
    But in our legal system, that is doing what's right. You have a right to legal counsel who will soley advocate for you without reguard to personal beliefs or external circumstances. I'd rather not change that.

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  8. cops hate lawers cause lawers prey on dumb cops, people hate lawers cause thay can make a dumb cop right.

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