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    Question Sad but funny....

    OK this is a sad story and were it not true it would be excessively funny, what the heck it's still is funny...

    From Indonesians use railroad 'therapy Copy rited so click the link for full story.

    ARTA, Indonesia (AP) Ignoring the red-and-white danger sign, Sri Mulyati walks slowly to the train tracks outside Indonesia's bustling capital, lies down and stretches her body across the rails.....

    In her mind, she has only one option left: electric therapy.

    "I'll keep doing this until I'm completely cured," said Mulyati, twitching visibly as an oncoming passenger train sends an extra rush of current racing through her body.....

    Mulyati insists it provides more relief for her symptoms high-blood pressure, sleeplessness and high cholesterol than any doctor has since she was first diagnosed with diabetes 13 years ago.....
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    I wonder if she ate lots of paint chips as a kid?

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    National Health for poor people = Throwing yourself under a train?

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