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Thread: Do you love or hate your job? What is your dream job?

  1. Right now I work for ServiceMaster clean. I mainly do disaster restoration work. My dream job is to be some sort of wildlife resource officer out west in colorado or montana.

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    photographing gorgeous naked women for $1,000,000 a year + benefits would be nice
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    Generally speaking, I tend to take the mindset that work will be a "mixed bag" of good and bad, like anything else. I find that even hard work can be manageable and likeable at times, if there are people around me to support me and back me up. Some places where I have worked the same type of job have done this reasonably well, and other have failed miserably, in my opinion.

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    I've always wanted to be a personal exercise trainer. Get paid to hang out in the gym. I may get the opportunity to give it a go. I need to get CPR certified first though.

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    I'm retired, and a job is only a means to an end. There are times when you must repeat this mantra.....


    Dream job... Humm, shooting as a pro where you get free guns, free ammo, paid expenses, could be a hoot, but then I have never walked a mile in their shoes either....
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    I have been in the auto service business at dealerships for over 25yrs and I HATE it. Just stuck in it. My dream job is to fix and flip houses. Love that type of work.

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    What he said, plus casual Fridays.
    Do you also get to particpiate in "Wear your CCW Badge to work day"?

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    I have done just about everything under the sun in a relatively short amount of time. I suppose I would like to retire as a college prof.

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    I gotta agree with the retirees. I retired about 10 years ago and it beats anything I did before. My only complaint is that we do things backward. I would prefer to have retired at age 18 and then gone to work at about 65 to pay the bills I accumulated.

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