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    Is this news anchor as naive as she portrays herself to be or is she acting that way for effect? Does she really think that any LEO is not human, that LEO's are above most of society in terms of not being subject to acting in an unsavory manor?
    Well, yes. If you listen to the news enough, 99% of the time LEO's are hero's. Even if they're off duty shopping at the local grocery, slip, fall, and break their neck, they're hero's .
    I think it is naivete, sensationalism, and a perhaps unwitting collusion to maintain that "hero" fantasy as a means of sustaining or enhancing social order. JMHO.

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    Aww man, thats frickn great lol. I only wish he had done it on his patrol car, now that would have been epic lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jg1967:226446
    I am sure he used protection and he definetly served her.
    Officer safety!

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    I read one place that it was staged by a porn filmmaker but the police have confirmed that it was an actual cop. They also said that they could not find where he broke any laws doing it since there were no witnesses other than the puppy dog and he refused to talk. I am sure this goes on a lot but is not limited to LEO and I know that for fact (but not personally but ask anyone in the collections business). He should be punished for being dumb enough to do it in broad daylight on the hood of a car, that is what back seats are for, or at least a blanket in the woods.

    BTW - The police also said the woman was not involved in any legal cases and it was not due to a traffic stop so evidently she was his mistress or so.

    They have refused to identify her, possibly, except to other officers.

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    He's been fired!

    Can't say I really blame the department for doing so. Maybe she was giving him his officer of the year award. Link follows at bottom.

    The New Mexico State Police officer who made headlines after he was photographed having sex on the hood of a Honda is no longer employed by the department, according to a state police spokesman.

    According to our news partners at The Santa Fe New Mexican, Bert Lopez was informed by the Department of Public Safety that he no longer had a job.

    It is unclear when the decision was made.

    Lopez was named the 2009 District 1 state police officer of the year and was honored for going above and beyond the call of duty in July.

    He has 30 days to appeal the firing.

    NMSP officer involved in sex scandal no longer with state police | KOB.com
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    "Oh no, not the breathalizer again!"
    Lets go to the video, Dawn.....
    "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." T. Jefferson

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    So what's your point. At least he wasn't out hassling a CCW carrier. Of he was on his break I don't care what he was doing.

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