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Thread: I am thinking about joining the USMC

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Gunny View Post
    Travel and adventure and loads of fun we'll even teach you how to shoot a gun!

    Well you'll hear more of that in boot camp. I have been in almost 22 years I don't regret it. I did what I wanted to do. When I was 17 I knew I wanted to be a Marine I didn't know I would stay in so damn long! It's been fun been all around the world a few times every continent except Antartica. I will let you know you will be spending time over here in Iraq unless they decide to start beefing things up in Afghanistan either way you will be getting combat pay. I highly recomend doing a 4 year hitch then use your GI Benefits to go back to school and get a degree or learn a trade. My 15 year old son has started looking into the USMC. That scares the crap out of me as his dad but like my wife said he is just like me he wants to do it so we should support him. With that in mind if you want to do it I salute you. If it is what you want you should do it when you are young it is damn tough to go through boot camp as a old man of 30.

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    Spoken like the true words of a Gunny. Definitely listen to others around you and remember - you have 4 years active and 4 IRR (Inactive Reservist Recall) if you decide to join. I focused only on the boot camp portion and not on the remainder of my contract. Would I go back and do it again? HELL yes! I wouldn't trade it for anything. Even if you only stay stateside (like I lucked out and did) you will meet some awesome people and have a blast. Good luck on making your decision. It is a big one, but a well worth while one. (Don't forget to ask about signing bonuses too :sly:)

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    Although I didn't enjoy it a lot of the time, I do feel good knowing I did my stint in the Army National Guard.

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    Each branch of service has something different to offer. Check 'um all out before you make your final decision. After several years in the Army, I moved over to the Air Force. Some branches offer enlistment bonuses, while others offer specialized training programs. Do your homework and don't be afraid to check out all the branches before making your final decision. Remember that the most glamorous job might not be the best choice if you want to have a career after the military.

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    I would suggest going to talk to a US Marine Recruiter, get as much information as you can, and if it sounds right for you go for it.
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    I enlisted in 1967 as a young punk kid, right out of high school. Learned to be a man real fast. I do not regret it. You have to make that choice for yourself. Live your dreams before your to old to.

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