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    Talking Least Competent Criminals

    Borrowed from News of the Weird

    Least Competent Criminals
    Should've Left Well Enough Alone: Eric Livers, 20, a wanted man in Cheyenne, Wyo., fled apparently scot-free to Portsmouth, N.H., but could not resist calling his former Wyoming employer to ask that his final paycheck be mailed to his New Hampshire address. The employer called authorities, and Portsmouth police picked up Livers in February. [Portsmouth Herald-AP, 2-20-08]

    Jeremy Hart, 24, was arrested in Topsham, Maine, in December after allegedly burglarizing a home while the residents were asleep. As Hart was leaving, according to police, he hit a snowbank in the driveway, causing the car to stall, and Hart to become so cold that he sheepishly walked back, rang the victims' doorbell, and asked if he could come in and get warm. (The residents, aware that Hart had just been in their house, had already called police.) [Times Record (Brunswick, Maine), 12-27-07]

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    reminds me of that show. worlds most stupid criminals or something like that... just gotta shake your head and laugh at how stupid they are.
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

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