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    I drink green tea and other kinds of tea quite often. I usually only use natural honey as a sweetner.

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    We grew up not only drinking tea but I remember my mother and elders making a poultice out of tea for some aches and pain. It doesn't matter what colour it is, tea is tea, just that I can not drink it with milk nor any sweetener. I think it loses its flavour that way. I buy mine at an Oriental store too.
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    Anybody else a green tea drinker?

    As for me, my years of drinking it daily is likely part of the reason this 52 y.o. has to produce a drivers license to prove I'm over mid 40's! That, and not smoking and eating a carrot now and then...

    How about you? Do you soak your guts with the elixer of life as well?
    I do drink green tea on occasion...need to make it a regular habit. Most of the time it's made from Luzianne green tea bags that are blended for ice tea (makes a quart at a time) and I enjoy it unsweetened. How much "elixir" do you drink each day to achieve the benefits? Does it make any difference whether it is consumed hot or cold?
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