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Thread: I secretly hope for a zombie apocalypse ....

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    Morons! And you carry guns!

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    I never realized having an imagination and lookin at things from multiple angles and scenarios preparing for the worst while making it a lil fun was reason for anyone to feel threatened... Its easier to get people involved in throwing a lil "night of the living dead" into the picture ... like I've said I do this because I care.. my friends and loved ones know this and thats why they will come to me if SHTF in my lifetime ...

  4. Morons? Little over the top don't you think? Obviously someone could never match up to his fathers standards....

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    I thought you had to fill the zombie's mouth with salt and sew it shut? Better have plenty of salt and sewing thread. Wouldn't hurt to have a cross bow with plenty of wooden arrows just in case the vampires get out of control.
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    To the OP ... I think you would change your tune first time you have an infected tooth and your dentist has joined the ranks of the not so dead after all. Or when there's no more hot water to take a shower.

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    OK to CLARIFY the title was more than attention getter than anything... I do not hope for this... I just run simulations through my mind... Yes I know its fantasy I don't believe in vampires werewolfs zombies etc... but then again aren't you supposed to prepare and expect the unexpected...

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    I took it all as intended, in fun and jest. If I could "wish" something would happen, Ed McMann and **** Clark will be knocking on my door tomorrow morning with a big check :-) Zombies?

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    Anyone know if dogs can become 'undead' or are they capable of staying as they are even if bitten by a previously human zombie? Do zombies bite dogs? I'd like to know as I might train my Min-Pin to attack them!
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    Quote Originally Posted by rotjovi View Post
    This is a serious area where SOUND MINDED gun owners discuss important issues. Go show your permit and your gun to the authorities. Then tell them all about the zombies. We won't have to worry about you making a bad reputation for the rest of us CCW's.
    Oh for Geez sake! Lighten up and pull your panties out of your butt! This was posted in off topic and that's what it is. Stop being a tight jaw mutton chop! Lighten up and have some fun. You ain't gonna sit there and tell anyone you haven't thought of the Zombies or Allien invasion.

    Of course there are Zombies! Just lookat that's going on in NYC and around the Nation. Them Zombies are disquiseing themselve as protesters to get us to drop our guard! Evil Zombies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kflo01 View Post
    If you hope for a zombie apocalypse you my good sir are a fool. I don't think you realize how bad that would be for humans. You MIGHT be able to defend yourself and survive but what about your family and loved ones? You can't protect them all. Bad news.
    If that ever happened it would be extactly like the tv series walking dead in the early parts then later on picture the movie the road minus that total destruction but plus zombies....don't think you know what your wishing for
    And you sir are a tight wad. Zombies surround us at this very minute. The masquerade as libtards, democraps, gun grabbers and left wing liberals. I think it is high time you pull your head out of your, er.. the sand and come to grips with reality.

    They walk among us now! Time for all good 2A defenders to stockpile ammo and go for that class III, now! Before it's too late! They're around the corner! I can hear them!! They occupy Wall Street as we speak! Prepare now!

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