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Thread: I secretly hope for a zombie apocalypse ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tuts40:236911
    Quote Originally Posted by Firefighterchen View Post

    The most recent study on zombies, known as The Walking Dead protocol, has confirmed zombies do in fact eat dogs when they have no more human flesh available.

    SARCASM for those that would get confused
    I'll teach Tilly (min-pin) to hide & shoot then. She's 10 lbs, better get a min-gun for the min-pin... Oh, crap, she doesn't have thumbs!
    Just need to attach a mechanism to her tail. The more she kills them living dead, the more fun she will be having, the faster her tail will wag, an the faster the min-gun will shoot. Bam problem solved. When you get said min-gun...you need to post the picture becuase Daisy 50's dog, and Ophelia my dog are the only two packin pups on here!

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    The course sounds fun. I havent done any thing like that since my Army days. 20+ years ago. Might be a good excuse to buy a couple 'course specific' guns.

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    Just watched Zombies a living history on the history channel ... they talked about the idea is not as far fetched as we think... and the "only" way to properly prepare is to be ready for a biological/Zombie apocalypse because it is the worst that could happen short of a nuke.... so to those Nay Sayers the government has published files on this maybe the idea is not so crazy....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fourmula766:236943
    Quote Originally Posted by eXGee11 View Post
    Dodging paranoid head shots doesn't seem like fun to me!
    From what I hear its pretty well organized and like 600+ people ... throw on your "zombie gear" pay 5 bucks per run and go through the multiple courses they have full of all kinds of zombie targets... they also just hosted a zombie pub crawl in Minneapolis which was a huge turn out...

    Rich you do the shooting lol
    I so would do that. TWICE!

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    I haven't created a zombie apocalypse/SHTF gear bag, but between the Hornady Zombie Max ammo and the forum discussions I think I may have to jump on the bandwagon!
    I'm secure enough in my self-esteem that I know I cannot handle a 150-pound guy coming at me, but I can handle a firearm to keep that man away from me. -- Maria Heil

  7. GUYS!!!! stop!!! your hurting the Zombies feelings. They are people too. They have rights! How do you know they want to eat your brains? You ever ask them NOOOOO! You Just shoot them in the head with shotguns and let the mess fly!!! As soon as you see them!! Maybe they are just slow and in stead of saying AAAAAAARRRRRGGGGG they are trying to say AAA don't blow my head offffffffffffff. You should at least let them talk to your mother in law and see if they eat her first before jumping to a mistake. OUCH!!! WIFE HIT ME! ABUSE!! RIGHT HERE!!!! Call 922!! or what ever it is. Losing my mind Hey is that the first step of becoming a zombie forgeting things or looking for brain pudding at jewel.
    Dang! I got to go do the dishes now. HEY NO READING OVER THE SHOULDER ANYMORE!!
    well at lease it not clean the bathroom. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I AM SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR!!! I was kidding come on! Well I hope something good is on cable tonight! Maybe a Zombie movie! WHERE THE MOTHER IN LAW GETS EATEN!!! OUCH!!! BYE

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    Thought it already happened just thought they were calling it occupy wall street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare45:240388
    Thought it already happened just thought they were calling it occupy wall street.
    No... Zombies are dead. It's the brain dead that occupy wall street.

    For those that are offended, feel free to swap the words "brain dead" for one of these:
    Dead beats, sheople, good for nothins, worthless, society dregs, stoners, democrats, anarchists, or turds.

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