I secretly hope for a zombie apocalypse ....
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Thread: I secretly hope for a zombie apocalypse ....

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    I secretly dream of a zombie apocalypse ....

    No this did not spawn from the new Hornaday ammo... I just think its fun to daydream and ponder the possibilities and every time I come to the conclusion that as horrible as it would be that societies, government and earth as a whole would eventually benefit from it in a way.... hell those that are prepared would have a blast.... not that I ever want any harm to befall anyone ... but I decided to change the name of my "s#@t hits the fan gear" to my "zombie gear" it just sounds cooler lol

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    So, tell me about how that makes you feel. Describe your relationship with your mother. Do you ever want to harm small animals? Tell me about any dreams you have that make you happy or that make you scared. What do your rice crispies say to you?

    hehe, couldn't resist, yo. Everyone knows zombies aren't real. ...Right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuts40:236080

    hehe, couldn't resist, yo. Everyone knows zombies aren't real. ...Right?

    Zombies not being real doesn't stop people I know from preparing like they could happen. If it is brain eating zombies or rampaging liberals trying to find food after an earthquake the preparations are the same.

    In reality I have put a lot of thought in what I would do if the SHTF. My wife and I have talked about everything from food storage to weapons to how to pick the kids up from school if the roads are blocked or get home from work. There is a major fault line that runs through here and preparations for what will eventually happen are more entertaining if you their zombies into the mix.

  5. Dude Stfu I dream about this all the time. Almost all gun toting crazy Americans do. Wanna know why? Because life is BORING! Next time you make fun of a Meth head remember this...at least he has a mission in life haha!

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    If you hope for a zombie apocalypse you my good sir are a fool. I don't think you realize how bad that would be for humans. You MIGHT be able to defend yourself and survive but what about your family and loved ones? You can't protect them all. Bad news.
    If that ever happened it would be extactly like the tv series walking dead in the early parts then later on picture the movie the road minus that total destruction but plus zombies....don't think you know what your wishing for

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    Ok lemme put it this way... in the many ways that things could "go down" would it not be practical to dream of it in a zombie apocalypse ? Its about the worst case scenario i can think of... No I would never want to see my loved ones or neighbors harmed this is why i do prepare for when SHTF and I do say when.. I also believe our world cannot keep going at the rate it is .... population, war,etc... maybe not in my lifetime but it will and you can be sure that I will be handing down my "zombie gear" :-) to my children the way my father did and so on... I doubt zombies will ever appear but TV gives us a cool way of putting a twist and imagination on the what why how of WHEN SHTF

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    And maybe the "have a blast" part was a bit much... yes it would suck but Im fairly confident that unless they came in my sleep Id be more than ready :-)

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    Ive been installing turrets on the second floor this summer and an armored screen door. Im hoping the get the concrete reinforcement pannels installed in the garage before spring. We cracked one of the beams under the ammo safe and had to shore that up proper. Should have 2 more pallets of ammo showing up any day now. Its not the zombies I worry about... its the lemurs.

  10. To make prepping fun my wife and I prep as if for zombies. Food and water, alt power, survival skills (she just knit her first scarf!), and bug out kits. If you prep for the worst your well set for the minor stuff.

    Guns and ammo is a little harder as we are both college students on low budgets. Can't always afford a box of ammo with our mass cans purchase at the local Aldis store.

    One thing we have been doing that works well is each trip at the store we each pick 1 long term storage item for the reserve supply. Im a big fan of the evaporated milk in a can, mostly because she tends to grab coffee. Nothing like watching the sun rise over a decimated city with a hot cup of Columbian roast.

  11. zombies

    This is a serious area where SOUND MINDED gun owners discuss important issues. Go show your permit and your gun to the authorities. Then tell them all about the zombies. We won't have to worry about you making a bad reputation for the rest of us CCW's.

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