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    Quote Originally Posted by mom of 3 angels View Post
    A lot of those extremely low price auctions actually have a "reserve price" that the seller set, but the buyers can't see--it's the minimum amount the seller will accept for that item, so if your bid is not higher than the reserve price, the seller doesn't have to sell it to you.

    I have sold on gunbroker, but never bought, although I wouldn't have a problem buying something there. You can check each user's feedback ratings and comments from others they have done business with to see if it's someone you want to do business with before purchasing anything.

    As far as the FFL issue, gunbroker has a list of FFL's registered with them or you can use any of your own choosing and any firearm you purchase just ships to your chosen FFL who may charge you a transfer fee (usually $15-25, but call around--some places charge way too much for this!) and will have you do the background check, etc when you pick the gun up. Just get the seller the contact info of your chosen FFL after you make the purchase. It's really not too difficult, and I know gunbroker has information pages that cover bidding, feedback, shipping, etc. as well.

    Hope that helps some. :)
    thanks mom for answering my question... yes I looked more closely and did see something about "reserve price not met".. something to that effect... makes sense on the seller's part.
    has anyone registered on there using a free web based email?? I read that if I wanted to use my yahoo email then I would have to give them a credit card to keep on file to varify who I am... because I don't have an email address from an internet service provider.. so would anyone actually recommend giving them my credit card info to keep on file? is it safe enough?
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    I used them before to sell a black power pistol replica and everything went just fine. I haven't purchased anything on there though. When looking for a new pistol I just never saw any deals for what I was looking for at the time but I'd definitely recommend the site.

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    I've bought and sold there. They also have my credit card on file. Absolutely zero issues. The site itself has been excellent to deal with. You can still get bum buyers/bidders just like ebay but I tend to feel that there are far less of them. The auto relist for no additional $ is a plus, and their rates are very reasonable. AA++ from this user!:53:

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    Ebay for guns

    It is just like Ebay really. Some people might try to rip you off, some people might not know what they have and almost give it away. But for the most part the prices are ok. Just know what your buying and who yur buying from.

    My father-in-law just bought a few guns off of and he said it was just as easy as ebay. You have to give them the address of a local ffl. Then just go pick it up. He loves it.

    Just like anything with money online. Just be careful!!!

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    Thumbs up

    I was searching for gunbroker the other day. First thing that comes up was gunbroker scam! It was a listing on ripoff report about a guy who suppoesedly paid for stuff and never recieved it. Saying it happened twice with the same seller. I have bought and sold on ebay with no problems, and actually made some awesome deals. I figure this guy just didn't do his research on the seller.And who the hell buys stuff from someone who has already screwed you over? I've heard from other people it's basically ebay for guns. My local shop says $35 for the transfer. If I do buy from there I'll post up my experiences. I'm glad I found this too because I was nervous about buying online, but now I may just give it a shot!

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    I've recently bought some ammo from there. steel core AP ammo. prices were more than I expected but then again I can't find it anywhere else.. so I was willing. both sellers had an A+ rating and they handled the sales professionally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronwill View Post
    This question has come up a few times. I have used gunbroker with great results. Just think of it as an ebay for guns, do your research and you shouldn't have any problems.
    Ditto for me.....I'll have no problems using them again.
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