Libya/The "Arab Spring"
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Thread: Libya/The "Arab Spring"

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    Libya/The "Arab Spring"

    These revolutionaries better make sure that the right people fill the power vacuum, otherwise they might be regretting their little revolutions much as the Iranians and Afghans did after just a little while under the thumbs of the Ayatollahs and the Taliban.

    In Iran, virtually all those who were active in the revolution in '79, including many of the "inner circle", have denounced the Ayatollahs. Many have said that they'd go back to the Shah's rule in a heartbeat if they could as opposed to staying under the control of the Ayatollahs.

    Gadhaffi was no angel but he looks like a total progressive compared to the Taliban, Ayatollahs, al Qaeda, Sadaam, or whatever incarnation the "sword of Allah" has taken on these days.

    The actual fighting in Libya and other countries may turn out to be the easy part. Making sure the hard-fought freedom stays in the right hands might very well turn out to be the most difficult part.
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  3. Yeah, it takes a few tries to get it right. The US is one of the few countries to have a single revolution and then stay with that new government for a while.

    I'm just worried that in some of these countries, it's the US backing that is the only thing keeping them stable. (Iraq, Afghanistan. ESPECIALLY Afghanistan.)

    Even Egypt is looking not nearly as good now. The military is showing that it is now, and really always has been, them that is in power.

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