New Direction for the war on terrorists: "Send Prior-Service Vets over 60"
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Thread: New Direction for the war on terrorists: "Send Prior-Service Vets over 60"

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    Arrow New Direction for the war on terrorists: "Send Prior-Service Vets over 60"

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    that is funny... with quite a lot of truth in it.
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    Quote from John Steinbeck: Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he's too old to fight, he'll just kill you.

    That would likely be the case here; then we'd have to put up with people crying to the media and the UN about 'Grey Cruelty' from the USA...:huh:
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    I'm in that age group and I would go. We may be older and have a lot more pounds then when we were younger but that only makes us meaner and more hard header. We learned to fight like the VC and NVA and at that time we were called the meanest and best solders in the world.

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    That's a really GREAT one Canis...Thank you for sharing and giving me my laughs for the day...besides being SO TRUE!! :bier:
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    If got a few "old" guys that I supervise. Though I may outrank them, I'll always listen to what they have to say. These older guys are often instrumental in helping me develop my tactical strategies. We've accomplished several successful missions due to the knowledge and contributions of these "old folks".

    The guys I tend to not listen to are those damn junior officers.

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