Triple hopps brewed... Darn it.
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Thread: Triple hopps brewed... Darn it.

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    Triple hopps brewed... Darn it.

    I, like you, have seen a plethora of the Miller Brewing commercials. So I remembered the "triple hopps brewed" while in the store and picked up a 24. Got home and whoala, found this among others: Miller Lite's "triple hops" is no big secret - Dallas craft beer |

    Here I thought I was getting a little more happy hoppy antioxidant action. Guess I'll stick to the tried and true Samuel Adams Boston Lager.

    What's your fav suds?
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    I'm a regular Coors guy myself. On occasion a few MGD's.
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    Yuengling and Bud Select are my usual brands in the beer box. When I splurge, it can be the aforementioned Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, or good ole Guinness.
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    More of a whiskey person myself, but when I do drink beer its usually Blue moon, shock top, or Guinness.
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    Usually one of 3 MGD, leinenkugels honey weiss or new castle.

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    Bud Lime or Coors...when I am here in the US;
    Vic Bitters when I am in Oz.
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    Heavyweight Gainer 900 by Champion Nutrition and Phosphagen HP by EAS.

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    Sam Adams original

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    I guess I'll be odd man out.....Miller Lite

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    Bud Light Lime or Bud Select. I fancy the occasional Sam Adams every now and then.
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