Simply Amazing When You Think About It.
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Thread: Simply Amazing When You Think About It.

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    Simply Amazing When You Think About It.

    Isn't it amazing that, within only one week of Tiger Woods crashing his Escalade,
    the press found every woman with whom Tiger has had an affair during the last
    few years?
    And, they even uncovered photos, text messages, recorded phone calls, etc.!
    Furthermore, they not only know the cause of the family fight, but they even
    know it was a wedge from his golf bag that his wife used to break out the
    windows in the Escalade.
    Not only that, they know which wedge!
    And, each & every day, they were able to continue to provide America with
    updates on Tiger's sex rehab stay, his wife's plans for divorce, as well as the dates & tournaments in which he will play.
    Now, Barack Hussein Obama has been in office for two and a half years, yet this very same press:
    => Cannot find any of his childhood friends or neighbors;
    => Or find any of Obama's high school or college classmates;
    => Or locate any of his college papers or grades;
    => Or determine how he paid for both a Columbia & a Harvard education;
    => Or discover which country issued his visa to travel to Pakistan in the 1980's;
    => Or even find Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis on racism.
    They just can't seem to uncover any of this.
    Yet, the public still trusts that same press to give them the whole truth!
    Simply amazing, isn't it?

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    You been reading my mind?


  4. Because none of that stuff is racy to the press. Oh, and most of that stuff *HAS* been found. Nobody cared.

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    Obama is not a republican and he is not conservative. The things you listed about him would not be of interest to the voting public.
    "You can get a lot accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit" - Ronald Reagan

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    My friend went to school with him at the Punahou School in Hawaii. We lived in Hawaii at the time, my father being a naval officer. Coincidentally, my parents knew the parents of BO's opponent - John McCain. McCain's father was my father's boss. Small world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Hurtley View Post
    Because none of that stuff is racy to the press. Oh, and most of that stuff *HAS* been found. Nobody cared.
    Because everyone knows that an Escalade has a certain gansta appeal.

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