He messed with the wrong Vet....
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Thread: He messed with the wrong Vet....

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    He messed with the wrong Vet....

    This is a oldie but a goodie.... he got what he deserved....

  3. Very poor sound. I could barely hear a word either one said, except the White guy saying "you think I'm prejudiced?" & both of them saying "put my foot up your ass". I'd have no way of knowing who instigated it. White guy did walk away, Black guy followed him once, then again. Black guy hit first.

    Good idea to avoid such scenes when we can. That could have turned a lot uglier than it did.

  4. This gentleman is known globally as "Epic Beard Man".

    The audio is atrocious, so here is the transcript courtesy of the folks over at knowyourmeme.com

    Warning: Foul language alert!

    Black man: ÖAC Transit
    Bruso: Letís get back to business. How much you charge me for a spit-shine?
    Black man: what?
    Bruso: How much you charge me for my Stacy Adams? Iím going to a funeral on FridayÖYou said youÖ [note: Stacy Adams are a brand of shoe.]
    Black man: Did you get what I said just now?
    Bruso: Yes
    Black man: Why a brother gotta spit-shine your shoes?
    Bruso: You offered!
    Black man: I didnít offer you ****.
    Bruso: Whatíd you just say when you walked by me?
    Black man: I said why, why a fuckiní brother gotta spit-shine your shoes?
    Bruso: You donít have to!
    Black man: Why a white man canít spit-shine Ė
    Bruso: [interrupting] Ė It could be a Chinaman! It donít matter!
    Black man: Look dudeÖ
    Bruso: I ainít prejudice! What? You think Iím prejudice!
    Black man: [pointing toward front of bus] Take your ass back up there and get the **** out my face right now.
    Bruso: Why you being so hostile, man?
    Black man: ĎCause. Iím pissed off.
    Bruso: Well its better to be pissed off than pissed on.
    Black man: Take your ass up there right now
    Bruso: [standing to go to the front] You ainít scariní this white boy. Iím 67 years old. You ainít scariní me. You ainít scariní me.
    Black man: [now, also standing] Iím 50.
    Bruso: You ainít scared of me. You ainít scariní me.
    Black man: Iíll put my foot up your ass.
    Bruso: No you wonít! No you wonít!
    Another passenger makes remarks. Bruso moves to the front of the bus as the two exchange threats to whoop each otherís asses. Although Bruso has physically distanced himself, he continues the verbal conflict.

    Bruso: You wonít do nothiní to me! [then something unintelligible]
    Black man: Say it again! [then something unintelligible as woman who was filming talks over him]
    Iyanna Washington: Say it again! Say it again, Pinky!
    The black man begins walking to the front of the bus.
    Note: ďSay it again PinkyĒ has been interpreted by some as a racial slur against white people, while others have claimed that it was said as a reference to the movie Next Friday although itís not entirely clear how the movie quote fits into the context of the conversation.

    Someone off camera whom many allege is Iyanna Washington: Beat his white ass! Whoop his ass!
    Another passenger: Leave him alone!
    The two men seem to be speaking to one another at the front of the bus, but cannot be heard over the noise from the rest of the passengers.

    Iyanna Washington: It ainít worth it, blood, it ainít worth it.
    The black man begins walking back to his seat as other passengers continue to comment.

    Black man: Iíd put my foot up your ass.
    Bruso: I see tough guys like you and I slap the **** out of them.
    Black man: What?!
    Another passenger: Stop it!
    The black man walks to the front again to continue the confrontation.
    At 1:40, the black man lunges at Bruso, being the first to elevate the conflict to physical violence when he attempts to strike him in the chest, but the blow is mostly deflected by Brusoís arm.
    Bruso stands up and punches the black man in the face repeatedly. At least 9 punches can be seen, then the camera moves too much to get a clear view.
    At 1:51 the black man can be seen shielding his face.

    Bruso: Donít **** with me! He hit me! He fuckiní hit me!
    As can be seen earlier in the video, the black man attempted to either hit or shove him, but failed to connect.
    Epic Beard Man exits the bus.

    Bruso: He fuckiní hit me first! He hit me in the face! [unintelligible] Ė self defense!
    Bruso was not hit in the face. It appears as though he may have been struck in the arm or chest.
    At 2:07, blood spatter is visible on the seats of the bus.
    At 2:22 Iyanna picks up a bag left by the old man.

    Iyanna: Open that ****! laughs
    Various passengers comment on what theyíve witnessed.

    Iyanna: We can press charges, blood. I got in on videotape. Heís leakiní.
    Black man: That ************ hit me. No no no no no.
    Another passenger: Did he break your teeth?
    Black man: No. Bring an ambulance.
    Because of the manís bleeding, injured face, his pronunciation of the word ďAmbulanceĒ has been misheard by many as either ďbring M&MísĒ or ďbring amber lamps.Ē
    The black man then claims he will ďkill that nigga.Ē
    Then there are some more remarks from various passengers, and the scene ends with a shot of a bench reading ďKeep our city clean & safe. Do your part.Ē

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    The old man made a statement saying He was talking to his friend about needing to spit shine his shoes... when the other man chimed in.... before the video started... Dunno... I just know he had walked away and has the right to defend himself..did rather well for his age lol....

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    It warms the heart when a mouthy "bad a$$" gets a face full. Maybe he'll keep his mouth shut for a day or two.

    Having said that, the bearded guy coulda just moved to the front of the buss (as he did) AND could have shut the hell up which might have let the situation blow over. Both were mouthy I suppose.
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    I read on another site (fishing related) when I posted this before that the "Punk" was 50+ years old.

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    Wow 50? didnt look it at all lol... true he probably could've just shut his mouth and went up front.... but I see the other guy being empowered by his silence and it still happening anyways... he did walk up on him more than once....

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    I thought the old man was known as Vietnam tom. You should find the follow up videos, where a radio station found them both and offered a real fight between them inside a ring. Black man declined and apologized for his actions that day. The lady that stole Tom's bag got in trouble for theft.

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