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Thread: 100,000 chinese troops now in mexico and canada to invade usa, for the UN

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    oh thank-you SOOOOOO much!!! (I have a brother-in-law that's gonna sweat bullets for weeks over this....'ain't ya mick?) this is very funny stuff....'cept of course for the fact that whoever submitted this is, at his/her own words, at least a partial believer.... AND probably carries a gun....

  3. I don't fault the member for the post here. There is alot of things to think about in our world today. Those living prepared for the worst either through common sense or being scarred has been going on as long as I can remember. Survivalists have been aroung as long as I can remember and Mother Earth News was very popular back in my early years when I lived on the farm. I just think it is a positive thing when those who are a part of USA Carry have a positive place for positive feedback and finding some truth for their concerns and questions...and I kind of welcome that. I would rather they get answers to their questions from this forum than from the media, or the government. Most everyone is a part of this site becuase of the same beliefs of the second ammendment rights and just tryin to arm themselves and learn how to protect their lives and their families. Don't shoot em down...prop em up.

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    I never said I thought this to be absolutely true but posted it to see if any others have heard of this and what part of the rumor may hold water. Some of you sound like you'll turn a blind eye to even the slightest possibility that could ever happen here in good ole America, I hope your right but the powers that be are working on another plan to beat us into submission

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    Thanks, I appreciate that. I got lambasted by some of 'em although I don't give a rats arse. I posted it more as a keep your eyes and ears open kind of thing

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    Better chance of having a bad case of flatulence and the wife begging for more, than the Chinese invading from Mexico and/or Canada...

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    I don't see any invasion as imminent, but that doesn't mean a prudent person shouldn't become ready, over time, to live "off the grid". May or may not be Chinese regulars, could be any number of simultaneous attacks on schools, hospitals, power grids, water pumping stations, transportation/rail hubs, food warehouses and various other places. By who? Maybe the thousands of Jihadists who have assimilated into our society waiting for marching orders. ...Not as if the southern border has been a difficult place for these trained operatives to enter the US.

    Tin foil hat? Maybe. But if the food/water/personal care/medical shelves are empty at the grocery/pharmacy stores (for whatever the reason) and we have no water or electricity I can hold out for a few months minimum. You?
    1)"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty." -Thomas Jefferson.
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    I had that dream once! After I fell asleep watching the Patrick Swayze movie Red Dawn!

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    "A well regulated Militia,necessary to the security of a free state...." We planned for invasion foreign & domestic back then, nothing has changed. Some are in denial to the evil in this world but there is No safety in it. Some are ready,willing and able to live free or die in our republics under the cover of the constitution.

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    Somebody needs to get back on their meds right now!


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    Well said Malakai! All of us need to READ the US constitution and study it. I get emotional when I do, its a belief and idea of a better life, the lanuage is old, but when read slowly and studied properly it is simply inspiring. It will make you literary want to take our county back and hit the reset button!

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