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Thread: 100,000 chinese troops now in mexico and canada to invade usa, for the UN

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    Remember, our gov't is now worried about people who buy emergency rations. Thinks we would be homegrown terrorists.

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    Virginia Defense Force?
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  4. How does that saying go? Fear the government that fears it's people. (Time to make a change)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis1209 View Post
    Better chance of having a bad case of flatulence and the wife begging for more, than the Chinese invading from Mexico and/or Canada...
    LOL. (Note to self: Stay upwind of Dennis)
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by pathfyndr View Post
    I don't fault the member for the post here. There is alot of things to think about in our world today. Those living prepared for the worst either through common sense or being scarred has been going on as long as I can remember. Don't shoot em down...prop em up.
    I do not begrudge anyone who is a prepper. Hell I am one myself. Its the smart thing to do stockpiling food and other sundries in a country where FEMA might not get to where you are in a few weeks. Makes sense to be able to live of the grid "just in case".

    This kind of stuff, however, gets on the kooky side of who we are and gives us a bad name. Lets use some common sense here. If anyone mobilizes any type of force to invade the US we are going to know about it. Its going to be tweeted and facebooked before it even reaches the US Coasts. Ok, You say what if we have a build up? Don't you think that people will start posting pics about the million or so troops that are parked in their backyard? As I mentioned before another country invading the US will need at least 4 times the amount of people for support personnel. You can not hide that many people and not have any pictures, PERIOD. Not to mention adding a ridiculous enemy like China. Hell, they own California why the heck invade a country who is the number one purchaser of your crap. As some one else already stated China is more Capitalist then we are right now.

    There are so many other things to be concerned about but this story keeps on flushing to the top like a turd that won't go away.

    A little bit of searching will garner this(http://www.ufolab.info/Chinese_on_our_border.htm) which said they were there in 2003. Long time to wait for an invasion.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by boatme98 View Post
    Virginia Defense Force?
    And on a website that has in its banner "Conspiracy Theories" and "Lunatic Fringe"..........

    Oh, and the thread is from March, with another claim that they've been there since 2003!

    If the Chinese REALLY wanted to destroy us, all they'd have to do is cash in their US Federal Debt. Boom, instant economic collapse.

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    Stop worrying about other countries that would try to harm us. We have enough of the UN and Hilary around to worry about trying to disarm us all. Just stack up on ammo and supplies for when the zombies come, you would be ready.
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  9. Omg smile at the nice man. Walk backward and call belview. Somebody is out of their room and smoking rolled up socks.

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    Chinese in Mexico??? That's the most preposterous thing I've ever heard. What is this....a joke?? Somebody is a paranoid schiz-o!

    They're North Korean.
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    Cuckoo!!! Cuckoo!!!

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