100,000 chinese troops now in mexico and canada to invade usa, for the UN
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Thread: 100,000 chinese troops now in mexico and canada to invade usa, for the UN

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    100,000 chinese troops now in mexico and canada to invade usa, for the UN

    I generally don't condone these type of fear mongering blogs but I have a friend in the Virginia Defense Force who heard from one of his fellow colleagues who has a contact in the military (yeah I know it doesn't sound reputable already) that has stated that there is a troop build up of Chinese military in Mexico about 60 miles south of Laredo, Tx. If true what are their intentions? One blogger, a L.E.O., seems to think an attack may be imminent...Here's what he stated:

    From SQ LATEST:

    "Alert From Law Enforcement Officer"

    March 28, 2011


    As a law enforcement officer in a large metropolitan city, I recently became aware of information through other high ranking government sources that US forces were involved in the following:

    * A fire fight at the Palo Verde nuclear power plant in Arizona after receiving orders to eliminate multiple Iranian cells in CONUS;

    * Searches for nuclear devices in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois have been ongoing by US LE;
    Armored vehicles have been seen off loaded in Indiana at a abandoned factory and others were being transported westward by railroad cars;

    * Our government has sold this nation to the Red Chinese and an invasion in the lower 48 states is pending;

    * Russian troops will invade and take Canada simultaneously;

    * There is a currently a build up of Chinese troops in Mexico;

    Key government US personnel are not being allowed to retire because they are more dangerous retired and free of scrutiny by the goverment;

    * Foreigners who identified themselves as Russians and Iraqis are visiting metropolitan law enforcement agencies in the US under the pretense that they are here to observe how these agencies operate. A high ranking government source identified these so called visitors as assassins who are scouting our infrastructure and key personnel (red lists) to be eliminated at a later date;

    * The wars in the middle east have been a deliberate conspiracy to weaken our economy, military and police by offering high paying contractor jobs overseas, away CONUS. I was recruited by Blackwater with the offer of over $100,000 a year. Others in LE who were trainers were recruited at near $200,000 salaries.

    Link to article: 100,000 chinese troops now in mexico and canada to invade usa, for the UN - Page 18

    Although I am not sure I believe this I do think something detrimental to our welfare is going to take place in the not too distant future. A total financial collapse perhaps, another false flag ops, a pandemic? Russia and the Chinese have both been talking of getting rid of the USD as the worlds backing currency because that is what oil is priced in. If something really ugly is going to take place then best b to be prepared or forwarned. Hopefully this is all BS

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    I heard the sun is going to rise in the west tomorrow too.
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    Oh, wait, it's just a police helicopter. (Although it is snowing in Hell (Michigan) right now...)

  5. Very unlikely. The logic is not there for a major offensive from either direction. China is the Second largest holder of US debt. What happens when they invade the US? No-one is going to pay of the interest first of all and second they lose billions of dollars from logistics alone. Finally no one is going to by there crap when there is war on the streets. Just not a wise move finacially speaking.

    Think about it this way the population of Texas ALONE is 24,782,302. Most of them are armed. WTF is 100,000 to Texas? Total horsechips.

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    And monkeys flying out of my butt. Damn I am trapped in a world of crazy people. It's not even safe in here.

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    A bit of common sense I think, do you really think Canada is going to invite an armed Cinese Army into their country, or they would not notice that many armed people sneaking in? Likewise, would Mexico, who's Army can't even control the cartels, invite a Cinese Army that is bigger than their own? And lastly, How would a Virginia "militia" guy or his "contact" learn this and Canada or Mexico not notice? These "sources" probably send their money to Nigeria in response to all the Spam E-mails too because we all know those are true.
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    China is not about to let capitalism die. They want their money back. Heck they are even letting capitalism work in China on a limited basis. I even hear Cuba is going to let people buy their own home. What is going on here. Could it be that capitalism isn't all bad. Better not tell the occupy crowd or the unions.
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  9. Not the first....

    This is not the first I have heard of this. I heard several years that there were armed Chinese in Mexican ports guarding things there. They were dressed in plainclothes.

    I wish I could remember who it was, but somebody at one time had a vision that the Chinese would sweep in to the US from the south and take much of the southern and southwestern US before we were able to mount a effective defense and repel the invasion. Sadly, at some time during this time frame, a nuke was set off somewhere in Florida.

    I truly hope none of this comes to pass, but I believe the US is heading for something big and unfortunately, I would not be surprised if something like this did happen. Think about how hard the UN and even our own politicians are working to disarm American citizens. That sets off warning bells in my mind alone.

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    As the esteemed poet Ron White once said. "You can't fix stupid." LOL

  11. If you read other threads elsewhere about this topic you will see pictures of Russian and chinese troops marching in parade in Mexico. It happened, it was a diplomatic affair, and they went home when it was done. There's nothing you can do even if it is true so keep on keeping on. If you truly believe this kind of thing is going on stock up on ammunition and food stocks. If you don't think this kind of thing is going on, stock up on ammunition and food stocks. (See what I did there? Prep for the big stuff and the little stuff wont effect you. This isn't red dawn. )

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