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    I recently had to distance myself from one of my favorite cousins because of his recent conversion to Islam. Our entire family is Christian Baptist except for him now & he just changed..Over night. Walk, talk, dress...it was crazy. This is a 40yr old father of 3 & successful business owner. I tried to witness to him, pray for him but the day he started talkin that jibber jabber to me was it. Dont under estimate the reach & strength of this particular Faith, its Real! I would hate to have to defend myself against my own flesh & blood but I would not Hesitate either! With the rate of muslim converts today, if it continues....yeah, not good for the Born Again Infidel of which im one!

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    Nevada seems to be the hotspot in the US.
    And your asking him about what an infidel is showed he does not follow the Koran. Infidel means non-follower of God.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S&W645 View Post
    Infidel means non-follower of God.
    A non-monotheist.

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    According to muslims I am an infidel... They are welcome to come test my faith any day except Sunday.

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