Warning: Depressing post...if you're happy, do not read.
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Thread: Warning: Depressing post...if you're happy, do not read.

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    Unhappy Warning: Depressing post...if you're happy, do not read.

    This is completely off topic. It has nothing to do with guns, or politics, or law enforcement, etc. It is only slightly about the military.

    When I was in the Army, I started dating a young woman who was also a soldier. I was an MP, and Janine was a computer operator. This was back in the early 80's when computers still used those large magnetic tape rolls. Anyway, Janine and I dated for about a year. We eventually grew apart and split up. Our breakup wasn't a bad one, and we actually kept in touch for a couple of years. She married and had twin girls and we drifted away.

    20 years later, we re-connected, via the internet. She was living in western Virginia and I was in Florida. We got back together and had a torrid six month love affair again. It was short, but intense. Alas, we had too many differences to overcome and we broke up again. That was two and a half years ago.

    Fast forward again to this morning. I found out today that Janine had a heart attack and died in June at the age of 47. Although we were not together anymore, I feel as if a part of my soul has been ripped from my body. I always loved her. I always will.

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    If you would allow me:

    Are you married currently? If so, tell your wife you love her, and let the past go.

    If you are not married then I hope you find a way to fill the hole in your heart in a way that is good and healthy.

    BTW, this is the "off topic" area so you can post about any subject here. :-)
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    I understand your reasoning tuts40. Lakeland Man. Not having the affair later in life, I did lose a teen sweetheart three years ago. Although I had not seen her since I was in my early twenties, I mourned when she died. We were fire and ice and would never have made a married couple, but I truly loved her. Tuts, I have a woman at my side now who truly cares about me and does things with me like my ex never did. My ex would never have touched a gun. My woman now goes target practicing with me. And she shoots too, even though opening a can of biscuits scares the hell out of her. She doesn't like the sound. I guess wearing ear plugs makes the difference.

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    Sorry for your loss....It's never easy to lose anyone that is close to you. Thoughts and prayers....

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    Life sucks sometimes...but we learned from it. Just remember how happy you made her and vice versa while you were together. You'll meet again, in another form, be together again in another lifetime who knows?
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