I said 2.6 million, but there's no way they could land that many troops on our soil before we could start repelling borders, but the 100k they "supposedly" have in Mexico would be hell to take on, even for the 80 million-plus of us who have a gun. You have to remember, silent doesn't always give you an advantage when the enemy has FLIR and night vision equipped air and land craft which would be SUPER easy to smuggle in on one of the million container ships unloaded each year which are never searched or even lightly inspected. And after they establish a beachhead in Oregon or Washington, NoCal, they could move in equips ashore easily. And they could establish a beachhead before US forces or Americas' brave hunters could stop them.

China is bad news, for real! They have no reason to attack us; we make them to dang rich for that. But they know that most of our industry for making war materials has moved off-shore...mostly to their country. It would take a while for our war machine to get pumping out equips to take them on; I'm not just talking about manufacturing, I'm talking about steel and aluminum, copper, electronics components, etc., too... They know that--so do lots of other people--and someone might exploit that weakness just for *****-and-giggles.