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    Does anyone else watch this? If not you should. It's a soap opera for men filled with guns, girls and Harley-Davidson! This season has hands down been the best show I've watched. Most series you gotta wait the first 10 episodes for something juicy to happen but this season has been non stop since the first episode

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    Yup, we Tivo it. The 1st season was my favorite as we got to know the charactors and their relationships. Lately it's gotton kinda 'out there', in my opinion. ..."Justified" will be starting again soon as well!
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    Oh's just for guys?

  5. Lol @ localgirl.

    I liked the first season too and as out there as this seasons gotten its still packed with suspense. Unlike dexter which has turned into a total snooze fest. I'm really excited to see where the finale goes as far as clay getting killed finally and if Jax makes it out. Also I'm betting Otto kills himself to make his statement inadmissible

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    I am hooked too ,I think Jax will take over. I can't wait for Justified to start back.

  7. I just watched the next weeks preview and I have a feeling the doc is gonna die and Jax is going to stay, which is why they brought Wendy back, jaxs ex wife

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    LOVE SOA and Justified as well....

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    Looks like a turkey day marathon of SOA...thank you NETFLIX...Only last year but I will get the idea!

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    Yes an awesome show indeed. Glad Clay finally got what he deserved. I thought for sure that little puke Juice would've taken out the pos fed but it looks like he held up his end and betrayed his club. He'll get a beat down inside. So 2 parts for the season finale or is it the grande finale? Hasta la Vista SOA? I hope not.

    Another excellent show is Breaking Bad. School teacher turns Meth cooker / dealer hooks up with a major distributor only to blow his ass to hell to keep himself from being 6 feet under and all the while his brother-in-law works for the DEA and is closing in on "Heisenberg" aka Walter the gentle ex school teacher / car wash owner
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    Not just for guys. LOVE that show! And Breaking Bad as well. Never heard of Justified, but now i'm going to check it out.

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