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    Smile What I'm Thankful for

    I want to take the time to say Thank You to everyone in here. For the short time I've been active, I've managed to gain a lot of useful information and insight into topics I find interesting. And I've managed to jump into some topics just to stir the pot but either way, having an outside opinion is always a good thing even if I don't agree with it.

    There are people here that I agree with most of the time and there are those that I find my self in disagreement more often than not. But even those that I disagree with I still call comrade in arms, literally.

    While we all have our common beliefs and some of us appear to others to be completely off the reservation, I think we all must bare in mind that we all have the commonality of a single thought. We all strongly believe in and exercise our Second Amendment rights and the Constitution.

    We may come from blue states or from red, we may think a particular brand is the only way to go (had to say that for all the 'Glockers' out there! :-) ). Some of us are wheel gunners and some are fierce advocates of the auto pistol. But no matter! We are all gunners. And we are all brothers and sisters in the eye of whoever it is we call God.

    Happy Holidays and may God Bless!
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