Heard a radio advertisement on a major radio station...
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Thread: Heard a radio advertisement on a major radio station...

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    Heard a radio advertisement on a major radio station...

    We have a 'blow torch' of an AM talk radio station here in Eastern NE, KFAB 1110, where I can catch Rush, Beck, etc, and is the leading talk radio station all around. Today around 3 pm or so while listening to Beck I heard a radio advertisement by Cheaper Than Dirt, discussing responsible firearm ownership and getting a firearm and related items via CTD! It rocked hearing a gun sales commercial for a large online retailer on such public media.

    Anyway, it made my day and thought I'd pass it on. Have a great evening!
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    Yeah, I heard it the other day on the same type of station we have, during the Beck program. I did a double take.

    I love it:):)


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    The only station I can receive Rush and Beck and the others on in my area has liberal (in my opinion) commercials during breaks....... Drives me nuts, lol, 1/2 the time I turn down the volume to keep from hearing them, then I forget to turn it back up.... Maybe I should let them (talkshow hosts) know about this stations practices?

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    The local station in this area that airs Rush and Beck also airs Lars Larson a local guy who has a cwp and is quite vocal about it, he also has frequent advertisements for local gun stores and gun events.
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    I've heard that commercial, too. It's awesome. In the past 2-3 years, I have heard ads for some local gun shops quite often. Before that, I don't remember ever hearing any. I guess Obastard really is the #1 gun salesman of all time.

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    I wish we would hear commercials like that here. All we get are car dealer, furniture store, and roofing contractor commercials.
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