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Thread: Any vets here?

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    Oct 2007
    1st Congressional District

    Still Serving Army Retired

    Big Green Machine 76-96
    Korea, Ft. Lewis, Korea, Ft. Rucker, Fulda, Ft. Rucker, Germany, Ft. Leavenworth, Alaska, Germany, Ft. Hood
    Contractor since 1999
    Hohenfels, Heidleberg, K'town, Mosul, Balad, Five Sided Basement, now at that rarified air breathing headquarters overlooking the Chesapeake Bay

    Qualified with .45, M16, M60A1, M60A3, UH-1H, OH-58, AH-IS

    Life NRA
    Life Blackhorse Association
    Life 17th Infantry Association
    Garand Collectors Association

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    u s Army Airborne

    1964 - 1967 1st Cav/2nd Infantry/509th Airborne.

    Tom in TN :)
    "Life is tough. It's really tough when you're stupid".

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    Usaf 1966-1970

    Capt. Aircraft Maintenance Officer, 438 MAW McGuire AFB, NJ 67-68
    36TAS Langley AFB, VA, RAF Mildenhall, Rhein Main AFB
    Love dem C-130E's

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    US Army 1990-1993

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    I have a co-worker that rode with the Blackhorse in Vietnam, he gets his CCW this month. I'll be sure to let him in on this web site.


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    Air Force 1973-2001. The Gulf and a few "skirmishes" around the world.

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    76-80 loading bombs on F-4s, F-111s, F-16s then five years of engineering school on the GI bill and working for the USAF as a civilian ever since.

  9. Son in law went into rescue jessica Lench was not given a silver star because he was firing a maduce not his m4. His commanding officer told him nato thinks 50's are over kill on human targets. I believe he was 82 ab rangers balt.

  10. Never been in but I thank every one of your for your service.

    Came pretty close to being both a doggie and a Jarhead, but timing blew the first one and an incompetent Marine Major blew the second one.

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    Oct 2007
    Odessa FL

    US Army

    '61 - '67
    Enlisted, RA, Primary MOS 122.20 (Cbt Engr, Bridge Specialist).
    Served in CONUS, Germany, and TDY in ROV, '63-'64

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