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Thread: Any vets here?

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    Welcome all you new vets. Glad your here.
    Ret. MSgt

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    Army National Guard 2003-present. OIF 2, 2004-2005 with Utah's 116th En Co (Horizontal Construction). Transferred to Montana and the 1-163rd Cav Probably going back in 2010. MOS is 92A (logistics), going to 63A (Abrams mechanic).

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    Any Vets here

    US Navy 1960 - 1966. Gater navy beaching and removing Marines from Vietnam. Lots of fun.
    Beware the man who only has one gun. He probably knows how to use it!

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    USAF, 1981-2001 Crew Chief on F-4 Phantoms, Best Damn fighter EVER built ;) and most beautiful fighter ever built :D and also worked F-15 Eagles A,B,C,D,E. Retired SJAFB

  6. Somebody had to get us out, USMC would still be there winning.

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    deep in the Ozarks


    US Army 1970-1971 Vietnam Vet. Stationed in the Central Highlands.:)

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    East of Cleveland.... FAR East !
    I would like to take the oppourtunity to thank you all for your service. Also, to all the vets, especially the Vietnam Vets ......... WELCOME HOME !!!!

    With deepest regards, mot

  9. Home , who's home. Once a Marine always a marine.

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    Wink Let the caissons go rolling along...

    The Iceman
    69-72 U.S. Army 132nd ASHC (Assault Support Helicopter Company) 16th CAG(Combat Aviation Group) Americal...oops 23rd Infantry Division; the name was changed from Americal to 23rd after the incident with one Lt. Calley (sp).

    I only spent 11.5 months in country, close enough to a year of my life for me, although I have many problems with my memory of what happened. They say alcohol and drugs had something to do with that. The Grace of God got me through all of that and much more.

    To all you other vets. Happy Veteran's Day!!
    The Iceman, Akron, Oh
    Shoot straight and be safe...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    Home , who's home. Once a Marine always a marine.

    Happy Birthday Marines!

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