Jesus Christ not necessary for salvation ?
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Thread: Jesus Christ not necessary for salvation ?

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    Jesus Christ not necessary for salvation ?

    I am not posting this to start a religous argument. I am posting it because Obama has made a point of claiming to be a Christian. It is evident that he either does not know or does not believe what the Bible has to say on this subject. Of course after listening to the rantings of his pastor that is not a supprise.
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    Very scary. He is a genius in his own mind.

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    just goes to show....

    he is smoking crack!:blow:

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    what a flippin moron...don't trust him one bit
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    Never mind--I'd best not waste my time...
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    Proverbs 10:9

    He that walketh uprightly walketh surely; but he that perverteth his ways shall be known.

    Just the thought that came to mind about our senator from Illinois.....
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  8. Well, I'll take the what the Word of God says versus the word of Obama. Truth is truth, despite personal opinions.
    Romans 3:22-24

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    Well at least we know now for sure that Hussein is not a Christian!
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    Personnelly I don't care what kind of myths or superstitions any politicains believe in. Religion is a personnel thing and should remain that way. What I want to know is can the guy lead the country. In the case of Obama--my answer would be NO.

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    Don't like the guy nor the way his campaign is being run. There was a rally here about a month ago. The sister organized it and was the main spokesperson. They had food, entertainment and stuff for the children to do. It was like a big outdoor mini carnival. Anyway, they got the folks together and the message was "Vote Obama because he's from Hawaii". I didn't go to the rally, but saw the news coverage and talked to a few friends who are still trying to convince me that the guy can lead the country. So what the guy was born in Hawaii and went to school here. That's not going to convince me that he's the right person to lead the country. WTF???

    I sincerely hope the Electoral College does the right thing, because "We the People" seem like a bunch of morons at this point.

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