Christmas is over but------
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Thread: Christmas is over but------

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    Smile Christmas is over but------

    Ok Christmas is over and Santa needs time off. The reindeer are happily munching away in the barn and as in the past Rudolphs' shiny snout came through. The elves union ratified their new contract for 2012. The sleigh needs a new paint job but that will wait. Some of you have asked how soon to start 'sucking up' for next Christmas. Well now would be the time and you could start by getting Santa a gift! Santa wants a 30-30 lever action, any brand will do. Meantime since the weather is bad I wont go shooting today. That PLUS it is My and Mrs Santas' 38th wedding anniversary. She is obviously a woman of impeccable taste.

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    Yeah, yeah , yeah. How much taste would she have if she knew your were goofing off on the internet on HER anniversay? :):):)

    You should have done what I did today before I went to work, while the wife and visiting grandkids went out to breakfast with the local grandkids.

    I got on Gunbroker and bought a P220 SAS and had my FFL guy fax his creds to Osage. Busy morning huh? Have fun trying to make the wife happy tonite thinking about MY new gun! :):):)


  4. You didn't get me anything Santa. Was I really that bad?

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