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  1. Unhappy Final Salute

    I was shown this on another forum i frequent and thought most of you might appreciate it. Hope you have some tissues nearby...

    Final Salute

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    Quote Originally Posted by Otahyoni View Post
    I was shown this on another forum i frequent and thought most of you might appreciate it. Hope you have some tissues nearby...

    Final Salute

    Our country is at WAR, people will die. There are numerous other stories out there. Thing we all have to remember is that there are many families who have lost loved ones. Rather than single out the few that were written about, why don't we honor all of the folks who are bravely served, currently serving and have died serving our country.

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    Although I do not believe all the garbage that our buracrats feed us about their reasons for this war or any other I have nothing but respect for those that have to fight them. It is always sad when a parent, wife, husband, child, or family member looses a loved one at anytime especially in war. We should pray for the men and women in harms way and ther families that they left behind. To all those who now serve or have served in the past, Thank You.
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    I did have tears after reading this. I lost friends in Vietnam, people I can still see and hear to this day. You know the chances you take when you go into combat and pray it is not you. But you do not leave your fallen behind. The one thing that I know is someday I will see them again. Believe me it is still hard to talk about it even after all these years.

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    I don't know what more to say than Thank you to everyone that has ever served our country. I could NOT have more respect for our armed forces. You are the reason I am able to sit here and type this message. You have my total respect.

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    As A vet all I can say is > SEMPER FI' to all that server............
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    Yeah this wells up tears in my eyes too. It makes me think of those I've known who have died in this war thus far, and those who are still in the fight. I'd be out their with them if it were not for my disability. As a civillian to all those who I know or do not know who are fighting or have fought. I SALUTE you with the most admiration and respect for what you are doing for your country. Every military personnel death I hear of, either during time of war or not, hurts. All of them are taking the ultimate cost for the freedoms we have every day. If you don't think we are free, go overseas and find out what freedom is like over there. I have full respect for all the men and women currently serving or who have served. The article was touching, but so are all the stories heard or unheard from this war and others. I will never truly understand what it is like, but a day in the life there is much different than a day in the life here. All my respect to those who have fallen!!!
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