Secret DOJ Memo Says Fourth Amendment Has "No Application" After 9/11
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Thread: Secret DOJ Memo Says Fourth Amendment Has "No Application" After 9/11

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    Secret DOJ Memo Says Fourth Amendment Has "No Application" After 9/11

    What is everyones take on this?

    Secret DOJ Memo Says Fourth Amendment Has "No Application" After 9/11
    Disclosure of classified documents reveal total dismissal of U.S. Constitution
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    It is really not all that suprising to me. The U.S. government has allready demonstrated it's lack of recognition to the constitution. It is just a matter of time before we join other nations to become a World Government anyway. This is disgusting, the framers of the Constitution would be so pissed off if they were still alive.
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    a 1 world government IS going to happen... just gotta take away our rights little by little first.... my question is... why the hell are WE letting this happen?
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  5. How come none of the major media is reporting on this?? Where is the public out cry over this?? Have I been living in a cave where is the media on this? Hell where is the ACLU? I mean if anyone is going to get up and fight on this is should be them. Are we now living in a police state? Man this is really irritatiing, not really surprising considering the things that have been going on but still this is still America isn't it? I would liek to hear onw of our noble candidates speak out on this matter. But I know that will never happen. I am just shocked at the lack of attention the loss of one of our Constitutional rights has. I guess we get the government we deserve.
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    Angry This is disheartening at best

    I believe that we are truly living in troubled times. It will be up to the responsible citizens to take back what is rightfully theirs. The sheeple will not move on such an issue due to the lack of capacity to understand and the wholesale belief that the government knows what is best for all. The framers of the constitution would roll over in their graves if they knew what the world was like today.

    Here is a short synopsis of where the world is headed from my point of view.

    1.Christian/Jewish ethics are under constant attack from those who want no laws.
    2.The constitution is under attack from those who want to usurp that power for selfish purposes and gain
    3.The traditional family is under attack from those who don't agree with family values

    In every case listed above those that are effecting change are in the minority numbers wise but in the majority with the amount of noise they make. The sad part is that WE let them.

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    It would certainly be interesting to see what the courts have to say about this. Should this be used against citizens and they appeal, it's hard to imagine the courts acquiescence to an Executive grab for power at Judicial expense.

    We definitely live in 'interesting times'...

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