Police: Man Used Hedgehog as Prickly Projectile Weapon
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Thread: Police: Man Used Hedgehog as Prickly Projectile Weapon

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    Red face Police: Man Used Hedgehog as Prickly Projectile Weapon

    If they outlaw hedgehogs only criminals will have hedgehogs.

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    They should at least require a background check before owning one . . . :D

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    I just added two hedgehogs to my bug-out bag:icon_cool:

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    I think he got the point

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    What was this guy thinking? Maybe a practical joke?
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  7. He's lucky, in MI he would be charged with child endangerment also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    I think he got the point

    lol....happy your not in Ohio...humor like that could get you in trouble.

    What does one do...just wake up one moring and think...what animal should I use as a weapon. Skunk?...to stinky...Bear?....wont fit in the truck and might eat ME....I know.......Hedgehog.
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    As I just stated in another thread almost anything can be used as a weapon. I admit I never thought about throwing a hedgehog at someone. Criminals will find a way. I think I would rather try to throw my Akita at someone, but he does weigh 100 pounds. Wouldn't have much range.

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    hmm.. just gotta think of a way now to conceal them.. carry them comfortably. "why no, that's not a hedgehog in my pocket... I'm just happy to see you".
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    isn't that cruelty to anmials also?
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