Absolut Ad Shows U.S. States Part Of Mexico
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Thread: Absolut Ad Shows U.S. States Part Of Mexico

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    Angry Absolut Ad Shows U.S. States Part Of Mexico

    i don't drink but if I did it would not be this that is for sure.

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    At least from what I have read they pulled the ad. Of course, it was only after people protested. I, however, am somewhat surprised that the American people protested. Happily surprised of course.

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    Maybe closer than we think. I won't fight for Cal. Mexco can have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwo51 View Post
    I won't fight for Cal. Mexco can have it.
    lol, you read my mind brother.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    lol, you read my mind brother.
    While they're at it, they can also have PRIL, PRNY, PRHI, and PRNJ. Sure the new country would not be entirely contiguous, but so what?:pirata:

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    It is somewhat refreshing to see people get up in arms about something. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the Absolut offices when calls and emails started coming in about the ad.

    What kills me is that they would never post a similar ad about other countries, but for some reason they think it's OK to do for the United States. Can you imagine the uproar if they had done something similar with Taiwan/China, North and South Korea, or Russia and Finland?

    It's like the Muslim/Christian thing - heaven forbid a Muslim ever get offended, but yet it's OK to offend Christians at every turn.
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