What's your occupation?
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Thread: What's your occupation?

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    What's your occupation?

    I used to be a commercial/industrial electrican apprentice, no money as work became scarce. I'm now a river rat decking barges, Mississippi river, Illinois waterway, and the Ohio river. Husband to a beautiful woman, and father to a 17 mo old baby girl. Gone 28 days and home 14 days.

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    I am a Deputy Sheriff, SWAT Sniper, and Department RO/Firearms Instructor. Married 11 years and have a wonderful 10 year old daughter.

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    IT computer nerd at a bank.

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    Head gopher and man in charge for 38 years--when the wife is not there--LOL. A house mover by trade but occasionally move mobile homes, raise/lower structures, and generally harrass the motoring public. Have probably been called more SOBs than anyone around (except maybe nobammy) because of holding folks up in traffic while moving on the highways.

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    23 years as a foundryman, most of that time as plant supervisor. Currently quality control manager at a forge plant.

  7. Golf course superintendent, I have a beautiful wife and two healthy boys 5 and 9 months

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    Broadcast newsman.

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    Local route truck driver.

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    Full time student park time pee-on at Staples. Single never married no kids.

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    Diesel tech for off shore an land locked oil rigs an drilling an dreging company .I have bin doing this since i was 18 yrs old .But work is slow rite now im working part time on fleet trucks on the weekends .not married n.o kids cause i have more fun single .

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