Be careful driving in the snow....
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Thread: Be careful driving in the snow....

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    Be careful driving in the snow....

    Not for the faint of heart!!!!


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    More often than not 1" of snow is more dangerous that 1'...people just don't get it. My house is in a rural town, and everytime it snows, there will be cars in the ditch. And usually we get snow for 5 months out of the year here. Snow is one of those things where less is definately more when driving..SAD VIDEO

  4. Looks like inattention.

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    I hate snow......
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    I feel bad for the trucker. Nothing he could do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoganbeg View Post
    Looks like inattention.
    I doubt if they survived, terrible.

    I would agree, plus too fast for conditions. He/she got over into the center slush, and lost it, traction was already reduced before they hit that slush. If they had not hit that box truck, they might have landed in the right ditch. Living here in Wisconsin I see this all the time. I listen to a scanner, and as soon as it starts snowing, they start piling cars up like cord wood. I love snow, we did not have enough this year to make me happy. Driving in snow is dangerous, you have to exercise caution. Slow down, and put both hands on the wheel.
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    I've seen a car t-boned by a semi before. But, that thing just disintegrated into a 1000 pieces!

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    That hurt to watch. I don't think I have ever seen a SUV disintegrated like that before. Terrible and I don't see how anyone could have survived from that.

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    Feel bad for all involved in that accident. The truck driver has to live with that forever, and somewhere there's a family missing at least one member. The closest I've ever been to that was when the lady went under my trailer last year while turning into a parking lot. She lived but got messed up Wish most people would slow down and pay more attention

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    I know that some of you do not trust Snopes but here is their version of the video: Russia Crash

    According to an article in the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda (as best we can make out through translation software), the accident shown in the video clip linked above took place on 24 February 2012 on the M-7 Highway in Russia. As described by the news account, a 32-year-old Moscow resident named Alexander (no last name given) lost control of his Nissan Navara, collided with another vehicle, and then drifted into an oncoming traffic lane where he was hit head-on by a Freightliner big rig. The driver of the Nissan was killed, and the driver of the big rig suffered moderate injuries.

    The particular stretch of road where this collision took place has apparently been site of several deadly accidents in recent years, including a 2009 bus crash that killed 12 passengers and a 2007 automobile accident that took the life of Russian actor Aleksandr Dedjushko, his wife, and his son.

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