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    Good job Torch. Hang in there. My wife had never shot a gun when we got married a year and a half ago. She really had nothing against them, just never handled one. About a month ago she got her own TN handgun permit. Very proud husband! :D

    The only person available to protect you 24 hours a day is you.

  3. I was in a class all week at work and on the 4th or 5th day the guy next to me said, "don't you own any shirts that don't have something about guns on them?"

    ALWAYS carry! ~ NEVER tell!

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    You know you're a gun nut when...

    ...your floorboards buckle under the weight of your ammo stash

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    Quote Originally Posted by ishi View Post
    You know you're a gun nut when...

    ...your floorboards buckle under the weight of your ammo stash
    Indeed... I keep my ammo-cans and spam-tins of bulk in the basement, out of exactly that fear.

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    I have been very blessed. My wife has a Smith revolver and a Glock. She shoots, has her CHL and understands the fact that guns are one of the few things that you can buy that go up in value. She seldom gives me any flack when I feel the need to add to my stash.

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    My wife just applied for her Nv. CCW when I renewed mine (we hav a 2nd residence in the Reno area). Years ago purchased her a Lady Smith mod. 60. She already has her AZ. permit and will be applying for her Utah soon. Maybe next spring I will get her to try for her home state Ca. permit when I renew mine.

    She should shoot and train a little more often, but she values our ability to protect ourselves. She does keep an eye on my firearms and ammo purchases but has lost track of the contents of the safe.

    I am a lucky man to have a great woman like her.


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    Blued VS Stainless Steel

    When you have to explain to your wife why you had to buy the same pistol in SS because the Blued one was well...Blued and therefore NOT the same pistol. No, she didn't buy my BS but she is the best as she didn't throw me out.

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    What do you call it when you have to keep buying new guns because you wife and son keep claiming all the guns in the safe as "theirs?"
    NRA Rifle Coach
    NRA Pistol Instructor
    NRA Personal Protection In the Home Instructor

    --- Some of the friendliest people I have ever talked to are gun owners and shooters and according to the gun activists we are the mass murders and felons of the nation???

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    A slice of heaven ?

    ...... as long as you have access rights. ;)

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    A great wife and son! Always a reason to buy another firearm.

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