A Walk Down Memory Lane
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Thread: A Walk Down Memory Lane

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    A Walk Down Memory Lane

    Does this Retrolife page bring back some great memories - or what!

    A walk down memory lane, for sure:

    Retro Life

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    Old Grunt, you really know how to make us feel as old as you are, but I'll bet that I'm older that you are.

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    Milk on a picnic? Really!!!
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    seems they missed something.............those old clunky roller skates you had to tighten with a key although i remember all that other stuff getting milk delivered , delivering the morning paper on my bike mowing yards with a push lawnmower............a&w root was the best and i still amazingly remember my first phone number it was a party line br-32029 lolz yup dems was the gool ol dayz heheh
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    I'm only 56 but I remember the majority of the references. My Aunt Marie had one of the wringer washers for many years. I had the roller skates, milk delivery, a push mower and A&W Root Beer.
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    Ah, the good old days! A time when you didn't have to lock your doors and your kids could walk to school without worry. At least that's how it used to be here.
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    I'm 66 so remember it all. DA haircut was the rage back in the day.

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    I remember it all and I wish it was still that way. The only worry we had was Russia nuking us and that was later than the time of most of these pics. My first "good" car was a 1952 Ford Victoria 2-door hardtop. Every dime I made working at a serivce station in Abilene, Tx went into that car. Every week-end I screwed something up in the motor at the local drag race, but I always got it running by the next week-end. The wrecking yards and the machine shops knew me well. I think gas was about 19.9 cents then, and that included a washed windshield, oil & water check, and tire check. The average gas purchase was "gimme 5 gallons." Us kids bought it one dollars worth at a time. However, a dollars' worth would handle most of the week-end. I sure do remember those dates at the drive-in, but that's another story.

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    And to think... we actually survived those days without all the modern contrivances of today.
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    I hear pundits say "If __________ (fill in blank) continues, there will be a day you won't recognize this country."

    It already isn't the country I grew up in. (I'm 53)

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