Anti-gun thinking now extends to food
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Thread: Anti-gun thinking now extends to food

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    Anti-gun thinking now extends to food

    As we all know, the "nanny state" liberals believe we cannot be entrusted to run our own lives. They believe they can curtail crime by attacking the instrument (gun) of the criminal. They believe they can stop obesity by placing overweight children in foster care, God forbid a parent take their overweight child to McDonalds. Now they want to ban bake sales. That's right bake sales. We can't be trusted to have a muffin or cookie. We can attack the constitution without consequence, attack religion without being immoral and attack successful people for their accomplishments... but we can't have a cookie without consequences. This is not what our founding fathers indended. Americans need to wake up before our way of life is forever changed.

    Bake sales to be banned in Massachusetts schools | Fox News

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    Hate to invoke Godwins Law, but quite simply, the man it references he to had a vision of perfection. His means were only slightly more direct...

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    Lol @ Massachusetts.
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    It's a crime to ban bake sales! The best desert I've ever eaten was a blueberry muffin ala mode...and that was in Quincy, Ma.

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    I will keep it simple, the Government does NOT TAKE CARE OF ME. FOAD. Can't wait for collapse so the weak die off.

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    Unbelievable!!! What else is next? If they want to do all things we normally do for ourselves for us, we'd all end up like spineless jellyfish.
    Anti-gun thinking now extends to food-att000011.jpg
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    Having kids come across a bake sale at their school is a potential learning experience. Having a cupcake or piece of cake never...never made anyone fat! Go ahead, have one in front of a mirror and see you are not any fatter then you were before you had that SINGLE cupcake. That is the key lesson to pass to the kids. It's called discipline, self control along with "actions have consequences". This thread stinks. Now I want a banana cake with chocolate fudge icing! Don't cut it so I can stay with my recommendation of "just one"! BTW I got rid of all mirrors.
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    Maybe some of us outside Massachusetts could have a bake sale at our local ranges and donate the money to the Mass. schools. Wouldn't they love that, gun owners helping schools. I know everyone's school taxes are high, but what a laugh this would be.

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    Ban forks. (j/k)

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    This is what happens when a bunch of Yankees and Aunt Jemima get on a roll. In the South, bake sales have been going on forever, not only in schools but all other kinds of organizations in an effort to raise funds for different reasons. We have bake sales, barbeques and fish frys all the time to help out where there is a need. Plenty of pecan pies, peach cobblers, sweet potato pies, apple pies, cakes and all other kinds of goodies to indulge in. People have just gone crazy in their efforts to control our every action but I don't think this one will get very far. It definitely will not go over down here so, when you get tired of being spoon fed grass and other inedibles, come on down!

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