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    What do you think?

    William Mount


    Wed May 9, 2012 16:53

    Around 1960 the US turned liberal. It was like a light switch went off. Our politics went mad.

    At the time we were a Net Exporter of almost everything.

    Our Governments were in a surplus mode, in a Divorce a Man kept the child like the bible Said. criminals were locked up forever and one could leave the house without locking the door.

    In fact - up until about 1975 you could leave the house without locking the door. Burglary was rare and Police actually followed up on these and put folks away for decades.

    Remember - in 1978 I earned $10/hour working for a University. Coffee was 10 Cents per cup, gas went up to $1 per gallon because of a Made - up - Gas Crisis, bread was 10 Cents and an ice cream cone was a nickle at a local shop.

    Then came liberalism.

    Today my wife and I witnessed a most amazing spectacle that could never have occurred in 1975. DO not think this is a local experience - this is typical all across America today - form LA to New York, from Seattle to Miami. So here is what happened:

    There was a Black couple sitting behind us at a Coffee Shop, the woman was pregnant and she had one in the stroller. They were both under 20. In this case color is important. Liberals still desire to keep the Black Man down. It is a Liberal hold over form the Civil War.

    The couple behind us had a Washington State Welfare Worker Counseling Session. The state Employee actually came to the Coffee shop to meet with them. They did not have to got her office. She meets with them every month at the place they choose.

    Her concern was if the Pregnant Woman was getting enough money from the state.

    They discussed many things, such as Divorce, drugs, etc. This divorced Welfare Worker gave them good advice on how to stay together. It actually was good advice.

    She kept asking the Man if his employees and supervisors spoke English and if he could find enough work. Her concern was if he could pay Child Support. When he said he was way behind she just blew him off, she did not care. She knew this means he could go to jail for delinquent Child Support - she didn't care and he knew it.

    Since the economy is horrible right now these folks just live together. If they got married she would loose all of her Welfare Support and they would be homeless tomorrow.

    This allows him to work - when he can - and she can collect on many welfare Programs such as:

    Free Food Stamps ad a free cell phone
    Subsidized Housing
    Subsidized Heating
    Free Medical for her and her baby
    Free Counseling
    Free Baby Sitting so she can work and earn more money
    Help paying her Credit Cards monthly - this can be substantial
    Free Baby Strollers
    Free Clothes and Diapers - there is a Free Garage Sale for Welfare Moms
    Free Tuition for College
    Free Cash per month at about $1,000
    Free extra food at special food banks
    Free Child Support so she can work 4 hours a day and earn extra money

    (((((If she was not born in America she would also receive $2,960/Mo Social Security and free housing.)))))

    The Guy worked and was way behind in Child Support. At minimum wage bringing home a 40 hour paycheck one has about $200/wk. The judge set His Child Support for more that he earns - so he can go to jail at any time. Debtor's Prison does exist in America and is enforced by a Foreign Government - the US.

    So where do these Children go to school - to a local school where 85% of the kids in central Tacoma are "Homeless." They either live in a shelter or with some one else. In a classroom of 30, maybe 2 parents work. At least she had her own Welfare Funded Apartment. She was lucky. Most apartments go to Foreigners who do not speak English.

    If the kids are lucky they can find work spotting for local drug dealers all night and earn hundreds daily packing 45's or 38's. Almost none of them make it out of the slums. You got to be there to appreciate this.

    Thanks to the Local Cops - they control the Drug trade or it would be absolute Anarchy. OK - so many take a cut - but they do a god job keeping it in check. Kudos for the local cops.

    The Local Lions Club helps by providing basic items for these kids like Tooth Brushes or Underpants - yes - underpants. Despite all of Trillions spent yearly on welfare most kids in inter-city do not have Tooth Brushes and Underpants.

    The Lions Club, God Bless them all, are there dressing these kids just so they can have clothes that fit and jackets - yes - jackets. Many of them dip into their own pockets out of Love to help and actually spend time with these kids. It makes a huge difference in their lives, more than you could imagine.

    We all know that 95% of these kids raised by single moms will have a Criminal record before the age of 18 - many will have rap sheets are 15-20 pages long.

    When Lions Club Representative gets involved these kids realize that outside the inner city and welfare there is hope and they then have the courage to get out the Slums and live a normal life.

    Many of these kids see food only at school: Pink Slime and grease. Many moms are strung out on drugs. If these kids complain they are either arrested or told not to eat the food. Yes - as we have seen in DC in a previous article - they were arrested.

    The Lions Club helps with this too at their own expense - they pull their own dollars out of their pockets to help feed these kids.

    These Lion's Club reps try and work with the educators at all levels - from the teachers to the principles.

    Do not think that all teachers listen. Many actually reject the truth and teach these kids things that are meaningless to them. One night after discussing this with a local Yacht Club member who was a teacher at a local inter city elementary school she had me banned from her Yacht Club where I was teaching Free Boater's Safety classes for the Yacht Club Members. The teaching of Boater's Safety ended at the Tacoma Yacht Club that day.

    This kind of Ignorant School Teacher is why High School Drop Out Rates are 50% in most inner cities.

    When the conversation was over at the Coffee Shop I walked up and shook this young man's hand for trying to work within a corrupt system. He was trying to make a real life for himself, he has guts. The cards are stacked against him, but he was doing it.

    By God - he was trying the best he knew how.

    My hats off to the local Lion's Club folks.

    They at least have the guts to get down there in the trenches and do something.
    Pray - Visualize - that the local Lions Club Members that they can continue to keep on keeping on.

    Honorable Grace
    Dr William B. Mount
    Knight of Malta
    Cpt (En) USA

    The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

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    One soul at a time...that is the most important to me. I am not a member of any Lions Club but with connections, we help one soul (usually a kid...but not all) at a time get out of poverty and out into the world. Those that are willing are able to get off their feet. Sad to say but those that cannot stand the climb to the top, go back to where they came from. There should be more participation in the Lions Club so collectively, they can help many more.
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    I think your tag line sums it up best. The only easy day was yesterday.

    Many able-bodied people would rather protest at an occupy movement than bust their backs for what they want. I think back to our own struggles through the years. No silver spoon in either my wife or my mouth. We both paid our own way through college through loans and scholarships. Early in my career I worked so hard that I slept in my office for days on end. I called my wife Dracula because she left for work in the dark and came home in the dark, commuting 90 minutes each way. We built our own house using a 12.5% mortgage. We didn't live beyond our means. We went without luxury, vacations, cars, etc., because it didn't make good financial sense. That mind-set paid-off in the long run as we both retired from our chosen professions before 50 yrs old. We can hold our heads high because our success was our own doing, not the result of complaining and demanding the wealthy cover our bases.

    I now find myself paying college educations for nieces and nephews, even providing for their kids and paying their monthly expenses. They claim life is just too hard. I must need my head examined but I do it anyway for their kids. People today expect some kind of handout. The socialist posture is alive and well in America.

    I feel like my father telling those "walked to school in the snow without shoes" stories. :-)

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    This has been brought on by our liberal socialist leaders starting with Johnson's war on poverty. It's been growing and expanding since. Does the government praise those that get off the programs and taking care of themselves. No they don't they find more ways to expand the programs. After all we must be missing some needy people. We now have generation that know only this way of life. Now we have a government bloated with entitlements and looking for more ways to expand the spending. Personal responsibility, not in America.
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