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    mitchel guist swamp people

    Not sure if it has been posted but mitchel guist one of the brothers from swamp people passed away r.I.p

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    I loved Mitchell and Glenn! "Ooooh look, we got us a little baby gar."

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    Very sad... Says he died on the bayou doing what he loved

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    Yeah, I just told my wife. Those guys were, a trip. I wonder if his brother will stay on.


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    Idk if he would it won't be the same with out him regardless. I bet history does a big show/memorial special for him tho

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    Makes you wounder about things, two good ole boys, that seemed to have the world by the butt, never bother nobody, hurt nobody, cept the Gar fish, LOL, and now ones gone, and about anywhere else in the world, you have useless sacks of stuff, who's main purpose in life is to screw with people, just walkin around, ...............

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    Just goes to show that it is not all hell, fire and brimstone. Even good ones dies too when it is their time to go...
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    "Swamp People" star Mitchell Guist died on the bayou.

    Guist, the grizzled and bearded costar of the History reality series about Cajun alligator hunters, died Monday after suffering a fall while loading items into his boat in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, according to the network and news reports. He was four days short of his 48th birthday.

    He appeared on "Swamp People" with his brother Glenn; the two resembled each other so strongly that many people mistook them for twins.

    In a statement, History wrote in part: "Mitchell passed on the swamp, doing what he loved."

    "Swamp People" has become an important part of History's swing toward docu-reality series about people doing tough jobs whose inner workings are seldom seen by outsiders. The Season 2 finale last year drew a record 5.5 million total viewers, according to Nielsen.

    Mitchell Guist: History's 'Swamp People' star dies after boat fall -

    RIP brother. We'll miss ya!
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    sad for sure :(

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    At least he went doing what he loved to do. Rip

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